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2018 Los Poblanos Idea Tent

Located in the middle of the festival and sponsored by Los Poblanos Inn & Farm, for the sharing of ideas on agriculture, sustainability, and culinary uses of lavender.

Presented by
Los Poblanos

All Day On Display:  Live Lavender Steam Distillation by Los Poblanos

See and smell the lavender distillation process which liberates essential oils from the lavender plant. Stop by the Education Tent throughout the day to watch a live lavender distillation. Alembic Copper is the traditional distillation method used for centuries

10:00am: Field to the Still: Los Poblanos Lavender

Join the Los Poblanos team to learn all about growing, harvesting and distilling lavender. Watch the alembic copper distillation in process. Experience the creation of lavender essential oil and hydrosol.

11:00am: Lavender on the Plate with Chef Jonathan Perno, presented by Los Poblanos

Join Los Poblanos Chef Jonathan Perno and learn about his culinary vision behind our Rio Grande Valley Cuisine. CAMPO is committed to growing and sourcing local. Chef Jonathan will highlight a special recipe for root vegetables marinated with lavender. Stop by to enjoy a taste.

12:00pm: Albuquerque Beekeepers

Everything you ever wanted to know about pollen, pollination, and keeping bees.

12:30pm: Mia Maes, Award-Winning Chef & Caterer

Lavender in the Kitchen: using one of nature’s oldest herbs to get dinner in the table in under 30 minutes! The easy way to use science and flavor to cook!

1:30pm: Growing Native and Adaptive Plants (including Lavender!) For all the Right Reasons, presented by Los Poblanos.

Join Wes Brittenham, Los Poblanos Garden and Landscape Manager, to learn all about soils, water needs and benefits of native and adaptive plants. Wes has more than 4 decades of history working with plants and their particulars in the North Valley and beyond.

2:30PM: Jericho Nursery presents…

Q&A, Lavender 101. Bring your questions!

3:30PM: Steel Bender Brewyard. Topic & Title, TBD