Thank you so much for your purchase of a Lavender Festival Survival Kit.  The following instructions must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.   Any questions, you may reach us at 505-933-8650. 

  • Masks are required should you need to discuss your order with a volunteer.

KIT pick-up instructions: 

Pick-Up Date: SUNDAY, JULY 12. 9AM – 1PM ONLY.
Pick-Up Location: Los Ranchos Public Parking area, located directly across the street from Kelly Jo Designs by Wine. Right turn only into the Lot. See map below. GOOGLE MAP LINK


  • Keep it Safe and Calm:
    • When approaching the pick-up tent, we ask that you pop your trunk so we may place the products safely in your car.
    • If you choose you may roll down your window and instruct our volunteers to hand you the kit or place it in your vehicle. For this reason, masks are required.
    • Remain in your vehicle at all times. Due to onsite restrictions under current health guidelines, we are prohibited from allowing anyone to explore the property on foot.
    • We expect temperatures to reach 104°. Our volunteers will be working very hard in extreme heat, so they are sniffing lavender in periodic doses.
    • Please be patient and follow all directional signs and understand that occupancy restrictions due to the pandemic have affected our staffing abilities. Should traffic back up, please stay calm and know we are working diligently to get everyone their Kits in the safest way possible. 
    • Have a mask available if you need to speak with a volunteer.
    • Display a Pick-Up Permit on your dashboard. 
    • Display a copy of your order on your dashboard. 
    • Approach from the south to make a right turn onto the property.
    • Follow directional signs to reach the right tent for your Kit(s).
    • Do not exit your vehicle at any time.
    • Stay calm and understanding and supportive of our hard working volunteer staff.